Inline Hockey Ireland League 2 Coed 2019-20

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Final Standings

Clare Badgers16141-010-001132630
Dun Dealgan Warriors14101-030-00872222
Armagh Stars1290-030-00822118
Bangor Chiefs 21480-051-00595017
Ballymena Vandals 21231-080-0034848
Midwest Bulls1430-092-0034848
East Coast Blaze ####1260-060-0060294
Flying Ducks1610-0150-00151082
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Note: 2 Points Win Overtime Win or Shootout Win, 1 Point Overtime or Shootout Loss, 0 Points Defeat. -2 Points Forfeit #.


DateHome TeamAway Team
01.05.20201st Seed4th Seed
01.05.20202d Seed3rd Seed
3rd Place PlayoffGormanston Rink
02.05.2020SF #1 LoserSF #2 Loser
FinalGormanston Rink
02.05.2020SF #1 WinnerSF #2 Winner
[References: 2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1The Rink, Portadown
15.09.2019Armagh Stars1Bangor Chiefs 22
15.09.2019Ballymena Vandals 21Dun Dealgan Warriors7
15.09.2019Bangor Chiefs 22Dun Dealgan Warriors3
15.09.2019Ballymena Vandals 22Armagh Stars12
Week 4The Rink, Portadown
06.10.2019East Coast Blaze16Ballymena Vandals 22
06.10.2019Armagh Stars3Clare Badgers4
06.10.2019Bangor Chiefs 23East Coast Blaze4
06.10.2019Clare Badgers8Ballymena Vandals 20
06.10.2019Bangor Chiefs 22Armagh Stars5
Week 6Longford Inline Rink
19.10.2019Flying Ducks0Armagh Stars7
19.10.2019Midwest Bulls3Ballymena Vandals 20
19.10.2019Ballymena Vandals 24Flying Ducks1
19.10.2019Midwest Bulls0Armagh Stars8
19.10.2019Sirens3Bangor Chiefs 27
19.10.2019East Coast Blaze5Clare Badgers7
19.10.2019Sirens0Dun Dealgan Warriors7
19.10.2019Bangor Chiefs 21Clare Badgers9
19.10.2019Dun Dealgan Warriors3East Coast Blaze4
Week 10Longford Inline Rink
15.12.2019Flying Ducks1Midwest Bulls4
15.12.2019Sirens3Clare Badgers4
15.12.2019Midwest Bulls1Dun Dealgan Warriors10
15.12.2019Clare Badgers8Flying Ducks1
15.12.2019Midwest Bulls3Sirens4
15.12.2019Dun Dealgan Warriors5Flying Ducks0
Week 13The Rink, Portadown
26.01.2019East Coast Blaze 9Bangor Chiefs 20
26.01.2019Sirens3Ballymena Vandals 27
26.01.2019Armagh Stars7East Coast Blaze4
26.01.2019Ballymena Vandals 22Bangor Chiefs 25
26.01.2019Sirens0Armagh Stars11
Week 14The Rink, Portadown
02.02.2020Bangor Chiefs 25Midwest Bulls3
02.02.2020East Coast Blaze8Flying Ducks1
02.02.2020Midwest Bulls2East Coast Blaze10
02.02.2020Bangor Chiefs 210Flying Ducks1
Week 17Longford Inline Rink
22.02.2020Flying Ducks1Dun Dealgan Warriors13
22.02.2020Clare Badgers9Midwest Bulls2
22.02.2020Flying Ducks1East Coast Blaze0 #
22.02.2020Armagh Stars13Sirens0
22.02.2020Clare Badgers2Dun Dealgan Warriors3
22.02.2020Ballymena Vandals 25Midwest Bulls4
22.02.2020East Coast Blaze0 #Dun Dealgan Warriors1
22.02.2020Armagh Stars13Flying Ducks1
22.02.2020Bangor Chiefs 26Sirens0
22.02.2020Flying Ducks1Ballymena Vandals 29
22.02.2020Clare Badgers7Bangor Chiefs 21
Week 18Longford Inline Rink
23.02.2020Ballymena Vandals 21Clare Badgers15
23.02.2020 Clare Badgers1East Coast Blaze0 #
23.02.2020 Flying Ducks2Bangor Chiefs 28
23.02.2020Dun Dealgan Warriors9Ballymena Vandals 21
23.02.2020Sirens1East Coast Blaze0 #
23.02.2020Flying Ducks1Sirens3
23.02.2020Clare Badgers6Armagh Stars0
23.02.2020Midwest Bulls1Bangor Chiefs 27
23.02.2020Dun Dealgan Warriors0Armagh Stars2
23.02.2020Midwest Bulls4Flying Ducks1
23.02.2020Clare Badgers11Sirens0
Week 19Longford Inline Rink
07.03.2020Dun Dealgan Warriors12Sirens1
07.03.2020Midwest Bulls3Clare Badgers8
07.03.2020Sirens2Flying Ducks1
07.03.2020Dun Dealgan Warriors12Midwest Bulls1
07.03.2020Flying Ducks1Clare Badgers10
07.03.2020Sirens4Midwest Bulls3
07.03.2020Dun Dealgan Warriors2Clare Badgers6
Week 20The Rink, Portadown
15.03.2020East Coast BlazecMidwest Bullsc
15.03.2020Armagh StarscBallymena Vandals 2c
15.03.2020East Coast BlazecSirensc
15.03.2020Armagh StarscMidwest Bullsc
15.03.2020Ballymena Vandals 2cSirensc
Week 21The Rink, Portadown
22.03.2020Ballymena Vandals 2cEast Coast Blazec
22.03.2020Dun Dealgan WarriorscBangor Chiefs 2c
22.03.2020East Coast BlazecArmagh Starsc
22.03.2020Bangor Chiefs 2cBallymena Vandals 2c
22.03.2020Armagh StarscDun Dealgan Warriorsc
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Point Leaders

Atis VitolinsClare BadgersForward1532215310
Neil BlackArmagh StarsForward123020504
Stefan MalcekClare BadgersForawrd153312458
Gatid VinninsClare BadgersForawrd102218406
Niall McEvoyDun Dealgan WarriorsDefense1117133016
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Most Penalty Minutes

Matthew SoelBangor Chiefs 2Defense200044
Lukasz KandlerClare BadgersDefense1413112438
Ruairi RafterBangor Chiefs 2Forward9751238
Shauna GaffneyEast Coast BlazeDefense720230
Andrew RafterBangor Chiefs 2Defense661726
[References: 2]


The 2019-20 Inline Hockey Ireland League 2 (Tier 3) season was cancelled with two weeks remaining due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. At the time Clare Badgers were well out in front of the 9 team league, with 15 wins and one loss from their completed 16 game schedule. Their only loss came on February 22nd 2020, when they lost 2-3 to Dun Dealgan Warriors, who were in second on 11 wins and 3 losses, with Armagh Stars in third on 9 wins and 3 losses. Bangor Chiefs 2 were in the fourth playoff place on 8 wins and 6 losses. Sirens, the only all-female team in the league were further back on 5 wins and 9 defeats, and Ballymena Vandals 2 (4-8), Midwest Bulls (3-11), East Coast Blaze (6-6 but -8 points for four forfeits) and Flying Ducks (1-15) were out of the running for the Playoffs. Clare Badgers’ Atis Vitolins was top points scorer with 53 points (32 goals and 21 assists).



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Thanks to Niall McEvoy.

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