Roller Hockey

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Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey is the National sport of Portugal. Played on skates with four wheels – one at each corner (quads) rather than Inline – and with a ball rather than puck. It has an over 100-year history in Ireland, and is sometimes also known as Rink Hockey.

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Irish Rink / Roller Hockey Associations


Irish Rink Hockey Association Senior Spring League (Seasons): 2017

Irish Roller Hockey Association Roller Hockey League (Seasons): 1995

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Roller / Rink Hockey County Leagues

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County Roller Hockey Leagues (Decade / Era Finals):

Waterford Roller Hockey League Olympia Cup Finals 1949-1950

Dublin Roller Hockey League Butlins Challenge Cup: 1950

Dublin Roller Hockey League Classic Shield (League): 1950

Drimnagh Civic Week Roller Hockey Matches: 1949

Limerick Senior Roller Hockey League: 1941

Inter-County Roller Hockey Challenge Matches: 1939

Leinster Rink Hockey League: 1910

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Portugal Roller Hockey

Portuguese Roller Hockey League

Roller Hockey is the National Sport of Portugal, and the Portuguse Roller Hockey League is the Major League of Roller Hockey in the World.

Portuguese Roller Hockey League 2015-Present