Inline Hockey Ireland League 1 2018-19

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Final Standings

East Coast Blaze L1 (C)151320662526
Lumberjacks (P)15960815318
Waterford Vikings (P)15861394817
Dublin Wolves L1 (P)15771516715
Shadow Bandits (P)15690517110
Clare Badgers15213036604


DateTeam 1 Team 2 
 Playoffs Semi-Finals 
04.05.19Dublin Wolves L13Waterford Vikings2
04.05.19Shadow Bandits2Lumberjacks9
 Playoffs 3rd Place 
05.05.19Waterford Vikings9Shadow Bandits3
 Playoffs Final 
05.05.19Dublin Wolves L11Lumberjacks8
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Note: (C) League Champions – did not take part in Playoffs / (P) Qualify for Playoffs

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1The Rink, Portadown
09.09.2018Dublin Wolves L17Lumberjacks4
09.09.2018 Lumberjacks 5Shadow Bandits4
09.09.2018 Shadow Bandits 10 Dublin Wolves L1 4
Week 2Longford Inline Rink
14.10.2018Shadow Bandits3Clare Badgers2
14.10.2018Waterford Vikings2Dublin Wolves L17
14.10.2018East Coast Blaze L16Shadow Bandits7
14.10.2018Clare Badgers 1Waterford Vikings 5
14.10.2018East Coast Blaze L1 5Dublin Wolves L1 1
Week 3 Longford Inline Rink
03.11.2018Waterford Vikings 2Lumberjacks1
03.11.2018East Coast Blaze L17Clare Badgers4
Week 4The Rink, Portadown
18.11.2018East Coast Blaze L14Lumberjacks 2
18.11.2018Lumberjacks 4Dublin Wolves L12
18.11.2018East Coast Blaze L19Dublin Wolves L12
18.11.2018Clare Badgers3Shadow Bandits 4
18.11.2018Lumberjacks3Waterford Vikings 2
18.11.2018East Coast Blaze L16Shadow Bandits0
18.11.2018Dublin Wolves L16Waterford Vikings0
18.11.2018Lumberjacks10Clare Badgers 4
Week 5Longford Inline Rink
13.01.2019Lumberjacks7Shadow Bandits2
13.01.2019East Coast Blaze L19Dublin Wolves L12
13.01.2019Clare Badgers3Shadow Bandits4
13.01.2019Lumberjacks3Waterford Vikings2
13.01.2019East Coast Blaze L16Shadow Bandits 0
13.01.2019Dublin Wolves L16Waterford Vikings0
13.01.2019Lumberjacks10Clare Badgers4
Week 5Longford Inline Rink
03.02.2018Shadow Bandits1Dublin Wolves L13
03.02.2018Lumberjacks5Clare Badgers6
03.02.2018Waterford Vikings 3Shadow Bandits 0
03.02.2018Lumberjacks8Dublin Wolves L13
03.02.2018Shadow Bandits1Clare Badgers5
03.02.2018Waterford Vikings4Dublin Wolves L13
Week 6Longford Inline Rink
10.02.2019Waterford Vikings1Clare Badgers0
10.02.2019Clare Badgers0East Coast Blaze L11
Week 7Longford Inline Rink
16.02.2019Dubln Wolves L1 0East Coast Blaze L17
16.02.2019Lumberjacks15Shadow Bandits2
16.02.2019Waterford Vikings1East Coast Blaze L13
16.02.2019Lumberjacks9Clare Badgers3
16.02.2019Waterford Vikings7Shadow Bandits4
16.02.2019Clare Badgers3Dublin Wolves L15
16.02.2019Shadow Bandits0East Coast Blaze L11
Week 8The Rink, Portadown
16.03.2019East Coast Blaze L16Lumberjacks1
Week 9The Rink, Portadown
24.03.2019East Coast Blaze L13Lumberjacks2
24.03.2019Dublin Wolves L11Clare Badgers0
24.03.2019Waterford Vikings1Shadow Bandits6
24.03.2019Clare Badgers0East Coast Blaze L11
24.03.2019Lumberjacks5Waterford Vikings3
24.03.2019Shadow Bandits7Dublin Wolves L13
24.03.2019East Coast Blaze L10Waterford Vikings3
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Point Leaders

Ondrej VlachLumberjacksForward142220428
Lucian VerkinShadow Bandits16266324
Martin UrodaLumberjacksForward171413276
Tomas GlazerLumberjacksForward172162714
Ryan ThompsonEast Coast Blaze L1Forward101962510
[References: 2]

Most Penalty Minutes

Ross KillenDublin Wolves L110861430
PJ CunninghamShadow BanditsDefense1302229
Lukas JucikWaterford Vikings161462028
Eddy GallagherEast Coast Blaze L117851322
G.B. #16Dublin Wolves L1161041420
[References: 2]


East Coast Blaze won the Inline Hockey Ireland League 1 (Tier 2) competition in 2018-19 finishing with 13 wins and 2 losses from their 15 games for 26 points, well ahead of Lumberjacks in second with 18 and Waterford Vikings in third on 17. Blaze did not however take part in the Playoffs and the third and fourth team to qualify were Dublin Wolves L1 with 15 points and Shadow Bandits with 10. Clare Badgers finished in 6th place on 4 points. Lumberjacks went on to win the playoffs with an 8-1 victory over Dublin Wolves L1 in the Final. Ondrej Vlach of Lumberjacks finished top points scorer with 42 points (22 Goals and 20 Assists)

After the season Longford Hawks dropped down to League 1 from the Elite League, Shadow Bandits merged with Rileys of the Elite League to form League 1 team Riley’s Shadow Bandits; Ballymena Vandals were promoted to League 1 from League 2; Clare Badgers were relegated to League 2; East Coast Blaze dropped down to League 2 for 2019-20 and Dublin Wolves folded.



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