Northern Premier League & Scottish National League Ice Hockey 1996-1999

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Northern Premier League 1996-97

Fife Flyers36333031513066
Paisley Pirates362610031614452
Whitley Warriors362313023620046
Blackburn Hawks361520120724031
Dumfries Border Vikings361223117127125
Murrayfield Royals36926116826019
Castlereagh Knights36629116826019
Northern Premier League Standings 1996-97 [Reference: 1]

Reference: [1]

1st Round Group A       
Fife Flyers6510832610
Whitley Warriors6510703510
Dumfries Border Vikings615027942
Castlereagh Knights615027942
1st Round Group B       
Paisley Pirates440040248
Blackburn Hawks412125273
Murrayfield Royals403117311
Championship Round       
Fife Flyers6501501611
Paisley Pirates641146339
Whitley Warriors624034394
Blackburn Hawks606030720
Northern Premier League Playoffs 1996-97 [Reference: 1]

Reference: [1]

Scottish National League 1998-99

Solway Sharks2220111894341
Glasgow Dynamos2213271254033
Perth Panthers2213631396629
Paisley Mohawks2213631347729
Kirkcaldy Kestrels2213721328628
Dundee Tigers2211921309224
Murrayfield Raiders2210841068324
Kilmarnock Avalanche221110119216223
Ayr Centrum Bruins228122929518
Castlereagh Goldwings224180721478
Irvine Magnum Flyers221183532045
Aberdeen Alligators221210353042
Scottish National League Ice Hockey Standings 1998-99 [Reference: 2]

Reference: [2]



Castlereagh Knights entered the Northern Premier League in 1996-97. This was a league combining Scottish and Northern English teams, and this time the Castlereagh team fared less well, finishing last in the league. In 1998-99 another iteration of the Castlereagh team, the Goldwings finished 10th out of 12 teams.

The following year the Odyssey Arena in Belfast was built and the Belfast Giants competed in the Ice Hockey Superleague, a Professional League for the top teams in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. 




[1] Roberts, Stewart (1998). The Ice Hockey Annual 1997-98 pg. 132. Brighton.

[2] Roberts, Stewart (2000). The Ice Hockey Annual 1999-2000 pg. 158. Brighton.


Thanks to Laura Shadbolt.

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