Inline Hockey Ireland League 1 Coed 2019-20

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Final Standings

Longford Hawks1042-130-00442014
Waterford Vikings930-150-0030398
Ballymena Vandals930-051-0031427
Riley’s Shadow Bandits820-050-1020445
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DateHome TeamAway Team
Semi-Finals Gormanston Rink
02.05.20201st Seedc4th Seedc
02.05.20202nd Seedc3rd Seedc
3rd PlaceGormanston Rink
03.05.2020Semi-Final #1 LosercSemi-Final #2 Loserc
FinalGormanston Rink
03.05.2020Semi-Final #1 WinnercSemi-Final #2 Winnerc
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Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 3Longford Inline Rink
29.09.2019Waterford Vikings3Longford Hawks6
29.09.2019Ballymena Vandals3Riley’s Shadow Bandits6
29.09.2019Lumberjacks3Longford Hawks4
29.09.2019Ballymena Vandals3Waterford Vikings6
29.09.2019Riley’s Shadow Bandits2Lumberjacks4
29.09.2019Ballymena Vandals2Longford Hawks3
29.09.2019Riley’s Shadow Bandits1Waterford Vikings8
Week 7Longford Inline Rink
03.11.2019Ballymena Vandals6Longford Hawks4
03.11.2019Lumberjacks5Waterford Vikings0
03.11.2019Longford Hawks7Riley’s Shadow Bandits1
03.11.2019Lumberjacks7Ballymena Bandits4
03.11.2019Waterford Vikings 2Riley’s Shadow Bandits3
03.11.2019Longford Hawks7Lumberjacks2
03.11.2019Waterford Vikings5Ballymena Vandals2
Week 11The Rink Portadown
08.12.2019Lumberjacks7Ballymena Vandals1
08.12.2019Riley’s Shadow Bandits0Longford Hawks5
08.12.2019Lumberjacks8Waterford Vikings3
08.12.2019Riley’s Shadow Bandits2Ballymena Vandals9
08.12.2019Longford Hawks8Waterford Vikings1
Week 17The Rink Portadown
09.02.2020Ballymena Vandals2Lumberjacks9
09.02.2020Waterford Vikings6Riley’s Shadow Bandits5
09.02.2020Longford Hawks0Ballymena Vandals1
09.02.2020LumberjackscRiley’s Shadow Banditsc
09.02.2020Longford Hawks0Waterford Vikings1
Week 22Longford Inline Rink
21.03.2020LumberjackscRiley’s Shadow Banditsc
21.03.2020Waterford VikingscBallymena Vandalsc
21.03.2020Ballymena VandalscWaterford Vikingsc
21.03.2020Longford HawkscRiley’s Shadow Banditsc
21.03.2020Waterford VikingscLumberjacksc
21.03.2020Riley’s Shadow BanditscBallymena Vandalsc
21.03.2020LumberjackscLongford Hawksc
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Point Leaders

Tomas GlazerLumberjacksForward81832110
Villiam KravchukBallymena VandalsForward91231510
Janis KiparsLongford HawksDefense10510158
Vladimir PolacekWaterford VikingsForward8113142
Tomas DjakonsLongford HawksForward10103138
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Most Penalty Minutes

Ondrej VlachLumberjacksDefense636924
Jakub PolasekBallymena VandalsDefense714524
Tomas PrazanBallymena VandalsDefense9751220
Jaroslav KeriLumberjacksDefense711412
Tomas RavskyBallymena VandalsForward614510
[References: 3]


The 2019-20 Inline Hockey Ireland League 1 (2nd Tier of Inline Hockey Ireland) season was cancelled after the matches on March 7th due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. At the time Longford Hawks were leading the League 1 Standings with 7 wins and one loss (as well as two forfeits due to not travelling on February 9th over concerns about the virus. Lumberjacks were in second just one point behind, and Tomas Glazer of Lumberjacks was leading point scorer with 18 goals and 3 assists. Lumberjacks two losses (they were 6-2) had come against Longford while the Hawks one loss during play was a 6-4 reverse to Ballymena Vandals, who were in fourth on 7 points, one behind Waterford Vikings. These teams were in the four playoff spots at cessation, and Riley’s Shadow Bandits fifth on 5 points.



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Thanks to Niall McEvoy.

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