Inline Hockey Ireland Elite League 2015-16

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Final Standings

Perkele Pelicans12120024
Longford Hawks1274115
Kilkenny Storm1275014
Dublin Rebels1256111
Bangor Chiefs1257010
Galway Bay lightning124808
Northern Cyclones1221004
Inline Hockey Ireland Elite League Final Standings 2015-16 [Ref: 1]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
Week 3Longford Rink
04.10.2015Dublin Rebels5Bangor Chiefs4
04.10.2015Northern Cyclones2Kilkenny Storm6
04.10.2015Dublin Rebels5Longford Hawks3
04.10.2015Bangor Chiefs3Galway Bay Lightning7
04.10.2015Northern Cyclones1Perkele Pelicans6
04.10.2015Kilkenny Storm4Longford Hawks6
04.10.2015Perkele Pelicans10Galway Bay Lightning1
Week 9The Rink, Portadown
03.01.2016Perkele Pelicans11Bangor Chiefs2
03.01.2016Dublin Rebels8Northern Cyclones2
03.01.2016Kilkenny Storm4Bangor Chiefs1
03.01.2016Galway Bay Lightning0#Longford Hawks1
03.01.2016Perkele Pelicans9Dublin Rebels1
03.01.2016Northern Cyclones0Longford Hawks5
03.01.2016Kilkenny Storm1Galway Bay Lightning0#
Week 10Longford Rink
10.01.2016Bangor Chiefs5Dublin Rebels4^
10.01.2016Kilkenny Storm1Northern Cyclones0#
10.01.2016Longford Hawks7Dublin Rebels1
10.01.2016Galway Bay Lightning5Bangor Chiefs6
10.01.2016Perkele Pelicans1Northern Cyclones0#
10.01.2016Perkele Pelicans4Kilkenny Storm1
10.01.2016Longford Hawks6Kilkenny Storm3
10.01.2016Galway Bay Lightning2Perkele Pelicans12
Week   The Rink, Portadown 
28.02.2016Galway Bay Lightning5Kilkenny Storm1
28.02.2016Dublin Rebels4Perkele Pelicans6
28.02.2016Northern Cyclones6Bangor Chiefs1
28.02.2016Kilkenny Storm9Dublin Rebels7
28.02.2016Longford Hawks0#Perkele Pelicans1
28.02.2016Galway Bay Lightning4Northern Cyclones8
28.02.2016Longford Hawks0#Bangor Chiefs1
Week  The Rink, Portadown 
17.04.2016Bangor Chiefs4Northern Cyclones3
17.04.2016Dublin Rebels1Galway Bay Lightning0#
17.04.2016Bangor Chiefs6Longford Hawks5
17.04.2016Northern Cyclones5Dublin Rebels9
17.04.2016Longford Hawks1Galway Bay Lightning0#
Week, 1 May 2016  Longford Rink 
01.05.2016Galway Bay Lightning10Dublin Rebels8
01.05.2016Kilkenny Storm0Perkele Pelicans13
01.05.2016Northern Cyclones0#Galway Bay Lightning1
01.05.2016Dublin Rebels3Kilkenny Storm4
01.05.2016Bangor Chiefs3Perkele Pelicans10
01.05.2016Longford Hawks1Northern Cyclones0#
01.05.2016Bangor Chiefs3Kilkenny Storm6
01.05.2016Perkele Pelicans11Longford Hawks1
Inline Hockey Ireland Elite League Regular Season Results 2015-16 [Ref: 1]

Venues: L – Longford; P – Portadown ^ Overtime # Walkover


Perkele Pelicans won the first Inline Hockey Ireland Hibernia Elite League in 2015-16 with a perfect 12-0 Won-Loss Record, finishing ahead of Longford Hawks (7-4-1 Won-Loss-Overtime Loss), Kilkenny Storm (7-5), and Dublin Rebels (5-6-1). The other three teams in the League were Bangor Chiefs (Co. Down), Galway Bay Lightning and Northern Cyclones.

The Elite League was increased to eight teams for 2016-17 with the addition of new team Rileys, and the promotion of Cork Wolfpack from the IHI League 1. Northern Cyclones pulled out of the League for 2016-17.


After a number of seasons where there were separate Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland Inline Hockey Leagues with an All-Ireland Playoff, the first Hibernia All-Ireland League was introduced in 2015-16. The Elite League – the Premier League in Ireland – was played as a seven team League, playing a 12 game home & away schedule.

Perkele Pelicans, Northern Cyclones, East Coast Blaze and Bangor Chiefs had joined from the Northern Ireland Inline Hockey Association Gold League, and Longford Hawks, Dublin Rebels, Galway Bay Lightning and Kilkenny storm from the National Inline Hockey League after 2014-15. East Coast Blaze dropped down to League 1 before the 2015-16 season started.

See for more on Irish Inline Hockey Leagues from late 1990s to the present day, including more references on the 2014-15 and 2016-17 seasons.



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