IIHA Irish Ice Hockey Association Morrow Group All-Ireland Challenge 1995-96

IIHA Irish Ice Hockey Association Logo [References: 1]


Match Day Morrow Group All-Ireland Challenge
20 - 2 - 20 - 2

Castlereagh Flames vs Dublin Flyers

Schedule compiled from results in Stewart Roberts’ Ice Hockey Annual 1996-97. Please purchase a copy to view the original. [References: 2]


The former Ayr Bruins and Streatham Redskins British League Netminder Jim Graves coached Castlereagh Flames to a 20-2 victory in the Morrow Group All-Ireland Challenge versus Dublin Flyers on 6 January 1996. The game was billed as the first game of its kind in Ireland. [References: 2]



[1] Wikipedia (2017) Irish Ice Hockey Association Logo[Internet] Available from: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/1/1d/IRLhockey.jpg/150px-IRLhockey.jpg [Accessed 6 March 2017]


[2] Roberts, Stewart (Ed.) (1997) “Other Competitions: Morrow Group All-Ireland Challenge” The Ice Hockey Annual 1996-97. pg. 145. Stewart Roberts, Brighton, Great Britain.


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