Elite Ice Hockey League Challenge Cup 2019-20

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Group Tables

Group A
*Dundee Stars65010251610
*Glasgow Clan6213015256
*Belfast Giants6203121165
Fife Flyers6204016194
Group B
*Guildford Flames83311312513
*Cardiff Devils5223125259
+Coventry Blaze8203325317
Group C
*Sheffield Steelers84130312710
*Nottingham Panthers84022252310
+Manchester Storm8215021276
Elite Ice Hockey League Challenge Cup Group Standings 2019-20 [Reference: 2]

Note: * Qualify for Quarter-Finals, + Qualify for Play-In.

Points System: 2 Pts Win (W), 2 Pts Overtime Win (OW), 1 Pt Shootout or Overtime Loss (SOL), 0 Pts Loss.

Knockout Stage Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
20.11.2019Coventry Blaze2Manchester Storm3
Quarter-FinalsLeg 1
22.11.2019Dundee Stars1Glasgow Clan1
11.12.2019Nottingham Panthers5Guildford Flames1
11.12.2019Sheffield Steelers5Manchester Storm2
11.12.2019Belfast Giants0Cardiff Devils1
Quarter-FinalsLeg 2
11.12.2019Glasgow Clan4 [5]Dundee Stars1 [2]
18.12.2019Manchester Storm3 [5]Sheffield Steelers3 [8]
18.12.2019Guildford Flames5 [6]Nottingham Panthers3 [8]
18.12.2019Cardiff Devils4 [5]Belfast Giants0 [0]
Semi-FinalsLeg 1
15.01.2020Glasgow Clan1Sheffield Steelers5
22.01.2020Cardiff Devils5Nottingham Panthers5
Semi-FinalsLeg 2
29.01.2020Sheffield Steelers4 [9]Glasgow Clan0 [1]
29.01.2020Nottingham Panthers3 [8]Cardiff Devils4 [9]
08.03.2020Sheffield Steelers4Cardiff Devils3
Elite Ice Hockey League Challenge Cup Knockout Stage Results 2019-20 [Reference: 5-9]

Group Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Group A
31.08.2019Glasgow Clan3Dundee Stars6
01.09.2019Dundee Stars7Glasgow Clan2
07.09.2019Fife Flyers2Glasgow Clan3
08.09.2019Dundee Stars0Fife Flyers2
14.09.2019Belfast Giants6Glasgow Clan1
21.09.2019Belfast Giants3Dundee Stars4
28.09.2019Belfast Giants7Fife Flyers2
29.09.2019Fife Flyers5Belfast Giants2
05.10.2019Glasgow Clan3Fife Flyers2
05.10.2019Dundee Stars4Belfast Giants3
06.10.2019Fife Flyers3Dundee Stars4
12.10.2019Glasgow Clan3Belfast Giants2 so
Group B
14.09.2019Cardiff Devils5Guildford Flames3
15.09.2019Guildford Flames6Coventry Blaze3
19.09.2019Guildford Flames3Cardiff Devils4 ot
22.09.2019Coventry Blaze5Cardiff Devils1
28.09.2019Cardiff Devils5Coventry Blaze1
05.10.2019Guildford Flames4Coventry Blaze2
06.10.2019Coventry Blaze3Cardiff Devils1
24.10.2019Coventry Blaze3Guildford Flames4 ot
26.10.2019Guildford Flames2Cardiff Devils1
27.10.2019Cardiff Devils3Guildford Flames4 so
30.10.2019Cardiff Devils5Coventry Blaze4 so
09.11.2019Coventry Blaze4Guildford Flames5 so
Group C
31.08.2019Sheffield Steelers8Nottingham Panthers4
01.09.2019Nottingham Panthers5Sheffield Steelers1
14.09.2019Sheffield Steelers3Manchester Storm1
21.09.2019Manchester Storm1Nottingham Panthers2
28.09.2019Manchester Storm5Sheffield Steelers2
05.10.2019Nottingham Panthers1Sheffield Steelers3
06.10.2019Sheffield Steelers4Nottingham Panthers3 so
18.10.2019Manchester Storm6Sheffield Steelers2
23.10.2019Nottingham Panthers3Manchester Storm4 ot
30.10.2019Sheffield Steelers8Manchester Storm2
02.11.2019Nottingham Panthers4Manchester Storm1
03.11.2019Manchester Storm1Nottingham Panthers3
Elite Ice Hockey League Challenge Cup Group Results 2019-20 [Reference: 3-6]


Sheffield Steelers triumphed 4-3 against the Cardiff Devils in the 2019-20 Elite Ice Hockey League Challenge Cup Final on 8th March 2020. Belfast Giants were eliminated in the Quarter-Finals after losing 0-1 and 0-4 in the two legs against the eventual runners-up Cardiff Devils. The Belfast Giants had finished a disapointing third in their Group behind Dundee Stars and Glasgow Clan, with Fife Flyers coming fourth.

About the EIHL Challenge Cup

The Challenge Cup is the Elite Ice Hockey Leagues premier Cup Competition. It runs parallel to the Elite Ice Hockey League and is played in Group Stages in the early part of the season followed by Knockout Rounds in the second half of the year. Thee Elite Ice Hockey League is the Premier Ice Hockey League in the United Kingdom, with teams in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Attendances are in the region of 2,000 up to 8,000 average per team. It is Professional, playing by National Hockey League (North America) rules, and is aligned with that league as a fourth level, with most players of Canadian or American origin. Some British and Irish players play in the league also.



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Thanks to Lenka Mulligan and Niall McEvoy.

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