ECHL (AA American Ice Hockey) 2009-2015

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ECHL 2009-10

Pacific Division
Bakersfield Condors723829523224381
Las Vegas Wranglers723430823425776
Stockton Thunder7233291023524176
Ontario Reign7231311021422972
Mountain Division
Idaho Steelheads7248177260191103
Alaska Aces723628823224080
Utah Grizzlies723429926025377
Victoria Salmon Kings723432623024374
East Division
Elmira Jackals723726927523183
Reading Royals723729625427580
Trenton Devils723330924425275
Johnstown Chiefs7218431121530747
North Division
Kalamazoo Wings7242201027324394
Cincinnati Cyclones724425323520091
Toledo Walleye723530725427477
Wheeling Nailers723332724024973
South Division
Charlotte Checkers724321825322394
South Carolina Stingrays7241191224821694
Florida Everblades724828923422185
Gwinnett Gladiators723133824327770
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National ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Bakersfield Condors 3 Victoria Salmon Kings 2
Stockton Thunder 3 Alaska Aces 1
Utah Grizzlies 3 Las Vegas Wranglers 2
Idaho Steelheads bye
American ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Cincinnati Cyclones 3 South Carolina Stingrays 2
Charlotte Checkers 3 Toledo Walleye 1
Florida Everblades 3 Elmira Jackals 2
Reading Royals 3 Kalamazoo Wings 2
National ConferenceSemi-Finals
Idaho Steelheads 4 Utah Grizzlies 0
Stockton Thunder 4 Bakersfield Condors 1
American ConferenceSemi-Finals
Cincinnati Cyclones 4 Charlotte Checkers 3
Reading Royals 4 Florida Everblades 0
National ConferenceFinals
Idaho Steelheads 4 Stockton Thunder 2
American ConferenceFinals
Cincinnati Cyclones 4 Reading Royals 3
Kelly CupFinals
Cincinnati Cyclones 4Idaho Steelheads 1
[References: 2]

ECHL 2010-11

Pacific Division
Bakersfield Condors724127422221086
Stockton Thunder7237231223221086
Las Vegas Wranglers723825521623081
Ontario Reign722739619526960
Mountain Division
Alaska Aces724722324117497
Idaho Steelheads7232271322521777
Utah Grizzlies723332718922773
Victoria Salmon Kings723236421723468
Atlantic Division
Reading Royals724423525722093
Elmira Jackals7232301024926474
Trenton Devils722737821825762
North Division
Kalamazoo Kings724423525522393
Wheeling Nailers723829523021081
Cincinnati Cyclones7233291019929976
Toledo Walleye723333623925572
South Division
Greenville Road Warriors724622425519296
South Carolina Stingrays723729619420480
Florida Everblades723730523622279
Gwinnett Gladiators723034820325068
[References: 2]
Western ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Victoria Salmon Kings 3 Bakersfield Condors 1
Utah Grizzlies3 Stockton Thunder 1
Idaho Steelheads 3 Las Vegas Wranglers 2
Alaska Aces bye
Eastern ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Greenville Road Warriors 3 Elmira Jackals 1
Reading Royals 3 Cincinnati Cyclones 1
Kalamazoo Kings 3 Florida Everblades 1
Wheeling Nailers 3 South Carolina Stingrays 1
Western ConferenceSemi-Finals
Victoria Salmon Kings 4Utah Grizzlies0
Alaska Aces 4 Idaho Steelheads 0
Eastern ConferenceSemi-Finals
Wheeling Nailers 4 Greenville Road Warriors 3
Kalamazoo Kings 4 Reading Royals 0
Western ConferenceFinals
Alaska Aces 4 Victoria Salmon Kings 0
Eastern ConferenceFinals
Kalamazoo Kings 4 Wheeling Nailers 2
Kelly CupFinals
Alaska Aces 4 Kalamazoo Kings 1
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ECHL 2011-12

Pacific Division
Ontario Reign724321824219394
Las Vegas Wranglers724222823519892
Stockton Thunder723433520421673
Bakersfield Condors722441719924155
Mountain Division
Alaska Aces7243181122417297
Colorado Eagles723828625025282
Utah Grizzlies723333618322372
Idaho Steelheads723132919423671
Atlantic Division
Elmira Jackals724522522822495
Wheeling Nailers723726921920283
Reading Royals723628822923580
Trenton Titans7221411021127152
North Division
Kalamazoo Wings723826826423784
Chicago Express7234261221623480
Cincinnati Cyclones723528922822779
Toledo Walleye722838618925862
South Division
Gwinnett Gladiators7241201121420093
Greenville Road Warriors724125623221588
Florida Everblades723926726021885
South Carolina Stingrays723728719118081
[References: 2]
Western ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Idaho Steelheads3 Ontario Reign 2
Las Vegas Wranglers3Utah Grizzlies0
Stockton Thunder3Colorado Eaglers0
Alaska Acesbye
Eastern ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Elmira Jackals3Reading Royals2
South Carolina Stingrays3Gwinnett Gladiators1
Kalamazoo Wings3Wheeling Nailers1
Florida Everblades3Greenville Road Warriors0
Western ConferenceSemi-Finals
Las Vegas Wranglers 4 Idaho Steelheads 1
Alaska Aces 4 Stockton Thunder 1
Eastern ConferenceSemi-Finals
Florida Everblades 4 Elmira Jackals 1
Kalamazoo Wings 4 South Carolina Stingrays 1
Western ConferenceFinals
Las Vegas Wranglers 4 Alaska Aces 1
Eastern ConferenceFinals
Florida Everblades 4 Kalamazoo Wings 1
Kelly CupFinals
Florida Everblades 4 Las Vegas Wranglers 1
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ECHL 2012-13

Pacific Division
Ontario Reign724619724619299
Stockton Thunder723726922321683
Las Vegas Wranglers723730519619279
San Francisco Bulls722538919125259
Bakersfield Condors722244617124750
Mountain Division
Alaska Aces7249158228172108
Idaho Steelheads724520726219897
Colorado Eagles723431723922475
Utah Grizzlies7229301321727771
Atlantic Division
Reading Royals724619724618599
Elmira Jackals724025724722087
Wheeling Nailers7231291319322574
Trenton Titans723232822624772
North Division
Cincinnati Cyclones724222822719592
Toledo Walleye723726922419583
Kalamazoo Wings723430820521576
Fort Wayne Komets723335420524670
Evansville IceMen722540720727257
South Division
Gwinnett Gladiators724326321119189
Florida Everblades7239221126024189
South Carolina Stingrays723826819817184
Greenville Road Warriors723628822621980
Orlando Solar Bears723827719725363
[References: 2]
Western ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Alaska Aces4San Francisco Bulls1
Ontario Reign4Utah Grizzlies0
Idaho Steelheads4Colorado Eagles2
Stockton Thunder4Las Vegas Wranglers3
Eastern ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Reading Royals4Greenville Road Warriors1
Cincinnati Cyclones4Toledo Walleye2
Gwinnett Gladiators4South Carolina Stingrays0
Florida Everblades4Elmira Jackals2
Western ConferenceSemi-Finals
Stockton Thunder 4Alaska Aces2
Idaho Steelheads 4 Ontario Reign 0
Eastern ConferenceSemi-Finals
Reading Royals 4 Florida Everblades 3
Cincinnati Cyclones 4 Gwinnett Gladiators 2
Western ConferenceFinals
Stockton Thunder 4 Idaho Steelheads 2
Eastern ConferenceFinals
Reading Royals 4 Cincinnati Cyclones 1
Kelly CupFinals
Reading Royals 4 Stockton Thunder 1
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ECHL 2013-14

Pacific Division
Ontario Reign714420721519195
Bakersfield Condors723630619720278
Stockton Thunder723331822423574
Las Vegas Wranglers722044817424848
Mountain Division
Alaska Aces714519724316497
Utah Grizzlies713824918717385
Idaho Steelheads723926722321285
Colorado Eagles7133261221121878
Atlantic Division
Reading Royals724622422918296
Wheeling Nailers723927621619684
Elmira Jackals722440817225656
North Division
Kalamazoo Wings724222822419792
Cincinnati Cyclones724123824720490
Fort Wayne Komets7236241221521584
Evansville IceMen7231301122627373
Toledo Walleye722144719326849
South Division
South Carolina Stingrays724323619717392
Orlando Solar Bears724324522521991
Greenville Road Warriors723927622020884
Florida Everblades723727824022282
Gwinnett Gladiators723928520322763
[References: 2]
Western ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Alaska Aces4Las Vegas Wranglers0
Stockton Thunder4Ontario Reign0
Bakersfield Condors4Utah Grizzlies1
Idaho Steelheads4Colorado Eagles2
Eastern ConferenceQuarter-Finals
Fort Wayne Komets4Reading Royals1
Greenville Road Warriors4Kalamazoo Wings2
Wheeling Nailers4South Carolina Stingrays0
Cincinnati Cyclones4Orlando Solar Bears2
Western ConferenceSemi-Finals
Alaska Aces 4 Idaho Steelheads 1
Bakersfield Condors 4 Stockton Thunder 1
Eastern ConferenceSemi-Finals
Cincinnati Cyclones 4 Fort Wayne Komets 2
Greenville Road Warriors 4 Wheeling Nailers 2
Western ConferenceFinals
Alaska Aces 4 Bakersfield Condors 2
Eastern ConferenceFinals
Cincinnati Cyclones 4 Greenville Road Warriors 2
Kelly CupFinals
Alaska Aces 4 Cincinnati Cyclones 1
[References: 2]


The ECHL is a AA American Ice Hockey League, equivalent to Division 3 in English Football terms (Modern Day League 1). It is aligned with the NHL (National Hockey League) the Premier League of Ice Hockey in North America which has Head Offices in both Toronto and New York as well as teams throughout Canada and USA. Kalamazoo Wings of the International Hockey League joined the ECHL (an orphaned acronym meaning East Coast Hockey League) in 2009-10. The team is famous for being the first to dye their home ice green for a match on St. Patrick’s Day – a tradition started on March 17th 1982 by Boston Irish-American Steve Doherty, the teams Public Relations Officer. It is as tradition which they still maintain to this day.

A fifth Division – the North Division – was required within the ECHL for this expansion – and the Wings won it the first three years of their history in the ECHL. After slipping to second place in the division in 2012-13 they won the North Division title again in 2013-14. Kalamazoo Wings lost in the Eastern Conference Quarter-Finals 3 games to 2 to Reading Royals in 2009-10; In 2010-11 they made it all the way to the Kelly Cup (another Irish Connection) but lost to Western Conference Champions Alaska Aces 4 games to 1. They made it to the Eastern Conference Finals the following year losing 4-1 to Florida Everblades, and in 2013-14 after a year absent from the playoffs they lost in the Eastern Conference Quartet-Finals 4 games to 2 to Greenville Road Warriors.

For the 2014-15 season the Central Hockey League, based primarily in Texas and the Prairie States merged with the ECHL creating a sixth division. ECHL once stood for East Coast Hockey League but merged with numerous other regional AA leagues until it became a National League, thus dropping the East Coast Hockey League name and just going by the orphaned acronym ECHL. The Kelly Cup is named after Patrick J. Kelly, one of the founding fathers of the ECHL, who retired in 1996. Prior to 1997 when the Cup was named after him the Riley Cup was awarded to the ECHL Champions.

The Wings were not only the first to dye the Ice green, but also the first to dye the ice pink in aid of breast cancer. To read more about this Green Ice Tradition please read this article from the Kalamazoo Wings: [Last Accessed 27 April 2021]



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Thanks to Martha Griffin.

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