Romanian Ice Hockey League 1995-96


Steaua Bucharest and Sportul Studentesc qualified for the Romanian Ice Hockey League Playoffs in 1995-96, finishing in first and second place on 37 Points and 27 Points respectively in the 6 team league. SC Miercurea Ciuc (25 Points) and Dunarea Galati (21 points) finished mid-table and Progrym Gheorgheni and IMASA Sf. Gheorghe finished in the bottom two and were relegated on 5 points each.

Internet Archives

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[2] IIHF/Horst Eckert (1997) “Eishockey Almanac 97” pg. 145

Romanian Ice Hockey League 1995-96

1HC Steaua Bucharest (Rom)181
2HC Dunarea Galati (Rom)109
2HC Progrym Gheorgheni (Rom)217
2HC Sportul Studentesc (Rom)136
2IMASA Sf. Gheorghe (Rom)217
2SC Miercurea Ciuc (Rom)127